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The water capacity of 2.5L is very suitable for small and medium pets, suitable for cats and dogs to drink for 5-7 days. No need to worry about pets when going to work or going to work.


360°circulation purification filter:The inclined surface design of the drinking water layer, the water circulation system, clean the surface hair, food residues, no odor, all-round purification, and provide health for pets.


Super quiet and low consumption pump:(including power adapter) the pump is super quiet and low consumption. The silent submersible pump can hardly hear the flow of water, and even timid pets will never be scared by the cat's drinking fountain, and the low water level warning of the LED light automatically shuts down the pump, eliminating safety hazards.


Clean the water dispenser:Separate the water storage bucket from the machine, separate water and electricity, make your safety safer and easier to clean.


Multiple filtration:multiple purification, filtration, let you rest assured. Each drop of water you want to drink is filtered by multiple filters with independent filters. Improving water quality is not only about cleaning.


Dimension: 205x205x183mm

Automatic Pet Water For Cats, White

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