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Product Description;


GOODBOY – Deli Bites Chicken are delicious chicken-based treats perfect for your furry friends. Crafted from 100% human-grade meat, they are a delightful way to reward good behavior and for training.


Key Features:

Made from 100% natural, human-grade chicken for a tasty and nutritious treat.

Free from artificial colors, flavors, and sugar promoting better digestion.

Baking preserves the authentic chicken flavor, ensuring each bite is savory.

Low-fat content makes these treats a guilt-free addition to your dog’s diet.

Suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs, thanks to the high-quality meat.

Offers a balanced profile with 34% crude protein, 5% fat, 1% crude fiber, 2.5% crude ash, and 28% moisture.

Goodboy Chicken Bites 65g

Only 2 left in stock
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