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Dog Toys Bite Resistant 4pcs/set Dog Toy Ball Teeth Clean Outdoor Funny Playing Traning Pet Toys For Dogs Cotton Rope Dog Toys Braided Toy.


Chewing Toy Material,Cotton Rope, Size as Picture Features: Soft,ChewingToys, Durable, Plush Toys Package Include: 1 set Dog ToyFeatures:1. Made of high quality cotton rope, durable and anti bite. 2. Double knot bone design, bright color, attract your pets interest. 3.Cotton toy strap prevents pets from biting the cord, helping pets to bruise, strengthen and clean teeth 4. Brushing straps, all made of colorful cotton rope bones, are perfect for owners and pets to play with 5. Healthy bite toys help the development of healthy teeth and gums of pets 6. Can keep dogs teeth and gums clean and healthy.

4pcs/set Dog Toy Ball/Funny Playing Pet Training

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