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Bioline Dental Hygiene Set For Cats

Bioline Dental Hygiene Set For Cats

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Features: 1. Cheese-flavored toothpaste set - Botanical formula, fast dilution, easy to use, can be directly applied to the toothbrush and the effect is obvious.

2. Fresh breath, safe and edible, refined with natural bone meal, no foaming agent and sweetener, safe to use, health care for pets.

3. Stick to brushing teeth regularly. It can help remove tartar and keep good oral hygiene.

4. All-round care of pet oral cavity - Multiple antibacterial, 360° protection of dental health.

5. Brushing the teeth can massage the gingivae, promote blood circulation in the gingivae, improve gingivae immunity, make the gingivae healthier and teeth stronger. Parameters: Net content: about 50g

Tips: 1. Before brushing teeth for your pets, apply a small amount of toothpaste on your fingertip, try to make your pet lick it clean and familiarize with it.

2. Squeeze a proper amount of toothpaste on the toothbrush, gently let the pet show its teeth and gingivae, start brushing its teeth about 1 minute, then let the pet swallow.

3. For pets who are not willing to brush their teeth, you can mix the toothpaste into the food together and make the pet have it, 2-3 times a day.

4. For difficult-to-reach and sensitive areas, finger cots can be used instead of toothbrushes.

5. Brush the teeth three times a week. If your pet eats a lot of high-sugar foods to cause bad breath, you need to brush its teeth once a day and provide enough water after brushing its teeth.

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