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Furbath Dental Brushless Cleaning 300ml

Furbath Dental Brushless Cleaning 300ml

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Furbath Dental Health Defence Brushless Cleaning for Dogs and Cats -

300ml, your solution for effortless oral hygiene maintenance for your furry companions. Specially formulated to promote dental health without the need for brushing, this innovative dental cleaning solution offers effective tartar control and fresh breath, ensuring your pets' mouths stay clean and healthy.

Key Features: Tartar Control: Furbath Dental Health Defence is designed to target tartar buildup, a common dental issue in dogs and cats. Its advanced formula helps prevent the formation of tartar, reducing the risk of dental problems and promoting better oral health.

Fresh Breath: Say goodbye to bad breath with Furbath Dental Health Defence.

This powerful cleaning solution effectively neutralizes odor-causing bacteria in your pets' mouths, leaving their breath fresh and pleasant.

No Brushing Required: With Furbath Dental Health Defence, you can say goodbye to the hassle of brushing your pets' teeth. This brushless cleaning solution is easy to use and requires no brushing, making it ideal for pets who are resistant to traditional dental care methods.

Effortless Application: Simply add Furbath Dental Health Defence to your pets' drinking water or spray it directly into their mouths for convenient and hassle-free application.

Its palatable formula ensures acceptance by even the most finicky pets, making dental care a breeze.

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