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Gigwi Heavy Punch Dog Toy – Boxing Glove – Large

Gigwi Heavy Punch Dog Toy – Boxing Glove – Large

وحدة SKU: 10392



  • Material: Made from high-quality extra-strong cotton canvas, this toy combines a unique blend of leather-looking material and durability for lasting play sessions.

  • Soft Foam Filling: Filled with soft foam, the toy provides a comfortable texture for your dog's mouth, ensuring safe and enjoyable play.

  • Squeaker Inside: The Heavy Punch Dog Toy features a hidden squeaker that adds an element of excitement to play, keeping your pooch entertained.

  • Versatile Play Options: This toy serves multiple purposes – use it as a tug, a chew, or engage in a game of fetch for interactive and varied play experiences.

  • Supervised Play: Always recommend supervised play to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for both you and your pet.

  • Replace When Needed: In case of rips, tears, or damage, it's advisable to replace the toy promptly to maintain your pet's safety during play.

  • Size Consideration: Please buy size-appropriate toys for your pet to ensure a comfortable and safe play experience.

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