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Product Description:


Chewing, gnawing or biting, this chew toy can handle it!

The Gigwi Nylo-Choo Treats Dispenser is an ultra durable stick made from solid nylon and thick TPR with a unique texture that aids in cleaning your dog's teeth.


To make this already fun toy even better, the Nylo-Choo features small holes that can be filled with treats, dog paste or peanut butter, and will provide your dog with hours of physical and mental stimulation as they work to get those tasty treats out of the toy.


  • Can be filled with treats
  • Helps to clean dog's teeth and aid in dental health
  • Incredibly durable and tough - perfect for heavy chewers
  • Allows your dog to play, search and find the treats within the toy
  • Provides physical and mental stimulation that reduces boredom.
  • Item Weight0.36 Kilograms

GiGwi Nylo-Choo Treats Dispenser

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