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for Play Track Plate Cats with 2 Colorful Combine Ball for Cat Toy Gift Cut Edges are Smooth and Flat Safe fo turntable cat
brand new and
Infinite track design, infinite rolling for , satisfying for cat hunting nature.
The colorful have a delicate texture and arouse the for cat's interest. The for cat will not be deformed even if it is bitten and pressed. At night, cats can also for play as much as they want.
The design is simple and the craftsmanship is exquisite. The texture is frosted and fine, and the cut edges are smooth and flat, so there is no need to worry about the for cat's paw being scratched.
Simple card for , seamless connection, 6 foot pads, stable and durable.
It's a great choice for pet


Dimension: 50*24*5.5cm

Kano 8-character cat tunnel toy (white)

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