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NaturCroq Mini Puppy

NaturCroq Mini Puppy

وحدة SKU: 60515
130.00AED سعر عادي
104.00AEDسعر البيع

For ideal puppy growth from 1 month onwards – especially for small dogs.

The perfect fat and protein content in Happy Dog NaturCroq Mini Puppy provides all-round support for puppies and young dogs of small breeds from 1 to 12 months, ensuring steady and healthy growth. Small dogs grow up at a more even rate than dogs of medium-sized or large breeds. However it is in the first twelve months of life when the foundation for healthy development of small breed puppies and young dogs is established. So an optimum supply of proteins and nutrients is absolutely fundamental.

Small puppies with high energy requirements

Puppies who are exploring the world full of curiosity and young dogs with their insatiable desire to play and run around need more energy than adult dogs. This means that they need more proteins and minerals. To meet these needs, we recommend a good puppy food for your little treasure, such as our NaturCroq Mini Puppy. Your puppy will then receive everything he needs for optimum development.

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