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Easily tolerated complete feed for puppies with lamb & rice

We only want the best for our little four-legged friends. Even in the very first weeks it is important to ensure a healthy and balanced diet that is perfectly matched to the puppy’s needs. Our Happy Dog Sensible Puppy Lamb & Rice combines very well tolerated lamb with easy-to-digest rice. The poultry-free recipe is especially suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs. The addition of valuable New Zealand mussels supports steady growth and healthy development of the bones, tendons, ligaments and joints. The perfect ratio of fats and proteins gives your little pet the ideal amount of important ingredients. Based on the Happy Dog Natural Life Concept®, your dog is supplied with all he needs to benefit his body holistically, giving him a care-free start to a long and healthy life.

What are the benefits of Sensible Puppy Lamb & Rice?

  • Poultry-free & gluten-free recipe
  • No additives
  • Especially easy to digest
  • Balanced complete feed
  • Boosts the immune system

Sensible Puppy - Lamb & Rice

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