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At OLFAMILY, we put our love for pets and their owners into all that we do.

Our Story

Olfamily itself is derived form the arabic word "Olfa" which means to care for, and english word "Family". the combination of both words simply speaks for itself.

Olfamily should present itself as a community for pet lovers where they will be listened to, and cared about. We select only the best quality products: food, litter, toys and accessories.

We pay attention to the smallest details in our services. We guarantee maximum hygiene and high quality products that are used for pets. Your pet will have a wonderful time with us!!


To make the world a better place for pets to live


Supplying pawrents with quality services and products caterd towards a pets’ care, health and wellness.


Hooman Cheif's Message

I’m Aliya, a pet owner and pet enthusiast.
Me growing up was basically a pet in every stage, I can tell how old I was according to the pet I had. And no, it wasn’t a pure breed pet, it was any animal I can find in my area. Cats, dogs, bunnies, turtles. I took in so many pets I stopped counting.
Currently I have 3 rescue cats: Simba, Mana and Maple. RIP to those who left me to be in a better place recently: Happy the bunny and lillies the cat.

Things I love to do in my free time include: travel, yoga, hiking and be one with nature. I also love gaming just a tiny bit and anything tech·​ie.

As a child my dream was to be a vet who helps animals, growing up I realized I’m too fragile to do that. Instead I found my massage to be: taking GREAT care of them.

Pets only walk with us for a brief time of our lives, why not make it great? They deserve nothing less than a human child or maybe more. 

I love my pets, I worked in pet industry and I loved all clients’s pets. Yes, I couldn’t be a vet, but I will still take care of them the way I know I can. 

- Aliya Almansoori 

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