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Catit Flower Placemat

Catit Flower Placemat

SKU: 10605

The Placemat Is A Soft Silicone Base For Use As A Base For Catit Water Fountains Such As The Flower Fountain Or The Catit Multi-Feeder. The Base Helps Us To Keep The Space Where Our Cat Eats Or Drinks Clean. We Know How Neat Cats Are And How They Spend All Day Licking Their Body To Be Always Clean And Something That Will Make Them Feel More Comfortable Is That The Area Where They Eat And Drink Is Clean, That Is Why The Catit Placemat Mat Works Perfectly For This Purpose, Simply Place It Under Your Cat'S Catit Feeder Or Drinker And That'S It. Features: -Soft Silicone Mat - Hanging Hook For Easy Drying - Protects Floors And Worktops From Food And Water Spillages - Non-Slip Features: Placemat - Non-Slip Placemat.

Color: Gray
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