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  • Large Space: Cat toilet with large internal space, which is convenient for cats to enter and exit and turn around,which will make them feel safer and more comfortable, It reduces the odor emission in the house and keep the air fresh.
  • Pet Tool: This cat litter tray is stylish, with a product designed with minimal lines and a versatile decorative style to bring you back to nature, fresh!
  • Long corridor: After the cat goes to the toilet, walk over the leakage pedal to let the cat litter on the paw fall into the basin to prevent the cat from getting the sand out of the basin.
  • Large apartment: large internal space, enjoy a comfortable environment, and don't touch the ass when using the toilet.
  • Flip the lid to shovel excrement, clean and fast: usually close the lid to let the cat go to the toilet quietly. When shoveling excrement, open the front cover to clean up the poop, which is more convenient and hygienic.

Corridor Typer Cat Litter Box

Color: Light Blue
Only 3 left in stock
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