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Moderna Gateway Black -Large

Moderna Gateway Black -Large

SKU: 10364

The Moderna Gateway travel kennel is the ideal product when traveling by plane with your pet. This product is IATA approved.

Due to its lightweight yet highly durable 98% recycled plastic, the kennel is extremely strong. Ventilation openings have been made all around, large enough to allow sufficient fresh air flow, but small enough to keep body parts inside, ensuring everything stays safe on board.

The revolutionary sfi techfoam on the inside prevents temperatures from quickly rising or falling, but instead maintains them at the same level for a longer period of time, creating an insulating effect.

The large door is made of steel, and so is the lock, which can be easily opened with a simple hand movement.

Accidents during the trip are not a problem, thanks to the raised bottom. The anti-slip bottom also prevents your pet from sliding during the flight. Integrated handles on the front and sides make it easy to move.

Metal bolts and nuts ensure that the assembly of the top cover to the bottom tray is easy, but above all, very sturdy.

This size is suitable for transporting pets weighing up to 13 kg.

Large: 54,5 x 52 x 71 cm hxwxd"

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