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Pet Special Steel Wire Comb

Pet Special Steel Wire Comb

SKU: 10794

Effortlessly groom your pet's hair with our Extra Long Pin Slicker Brush. The unique 120° curved surface and elongated flexible 135° steel pins are designed to fit the contact area of pet hair, preventing skin damage and static hair. Achieve the perfect hair effect with ease. Our Professional Dog Brush with Pins features high-quality 304 stainless steel extra-long pins (25mm/1'') and a rubber brush surface that's resistant to aging. Painlessly comb tangled hair for a more enjoyable grooming experience. Achieve more thorough and fluffy combing results. The lightweight ergonomic handle design is made of high-quality ABS and features a non-slip grip for comfortable use. Reduce pressure and fatigue on your hands and wrists, making grooming smoother and more portable. Perfect for outdoor and travel use. Our Long Slicker Dog Brush is suitable for a wide range of medium to large dog breeds with thick undercoats and long-haired pets, as well as a variety of cat breeds with soft, fluffy coats. This slicker brush is perfect for much hair types, including long, straight, curly, thick, shaggy, and wire. Fluff, detangle, and style with ease. Save time and effort with our long needle brush. Quickly and gently remove loose hair and undercoat, making it easier for you to groom your pet. Great for dry hair after bathing and daily care. Widely recommended by dog grooming shop owners and pet enthusiasts with thick undercoat and long hair pets. Supports Dry Pets- Suitable for daily care and dry hair after bathing, wet pets are not recommended.Suitable for all Hair Types: long,straight,curly,thick,shaggy,wire.Fluff, detangle and style with one tool. How to use: When brushing your dog's coat, reverse combing layer by layer, not top to bottom. When grooming the dog from top to bottom, do not brush to the roots of the dog's hair. When reverse grooming, brush the dog hair from the roots to fluff it and clean it thoroughly. Made for professional groomers,this dog slicker brush grasp tangles and knots hair. Plus,designed with larger than standard pins to grasp hair and save time and energy during pet grooming.Widely recommended by dog grooming shop owner and fans of pets with thick undercoat and long hair.

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