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Smart Pet Feeder with Microphone

Smart Pet Feeder with Microphone

SKU: 10651


  • WHITE AUTOMATIC CAT FEEDERS WIFI 203 OZ: Let our pets meet innovative devices today. Cat food dispenser accurately pours exact amount of food on schedule to your pet. Dog food dispenser sets remotely a meal plan with Wi-Fi and Pet Zone app, or via a manual feeding button.
  • PET ZERO APP: Save you pet from obesity and set diet through simple app on your IOS / Android device, reliably connected to cat automatic feeders without net losses. Auto cat feeder allows you to install up to 15 meals in 1 -50 portions. App features convenient notifications for timed cat feeder.
  • NOT GONNA FAIL YOU: Automatic feeder is constructed from durable materials, so it doesn’t get jammed or clogged and will serve your pet for many years. Lid on pet food dispenser firmly closes, protecting dry food from moisture with additional help of desiccant bag.
  • HAPPY AND HEALTHY PET: Voice message is played every time when meal is served by auto dog feeder to your pet, so you don’t need another person to do that. Reliable buttons of dog automatic feeder allow you to record messages, enable Wi-Fi connection, and serve a meal for one or more pets.
  • FUTURE IS INDOORS: Smart pet feeder can be powered via adapter or 3 pcs of D batteries, so it is pretty portable and works at 2.4 Hz frequency. Pet automatic feeder develops healthy, timely, and on-schedule eating habits for your cats, small and medium dogs, rabbits, and other medium pets.
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  • Replace with new or Cash Back in case of malfunction

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