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  • Simple and generous: The stepped jumping design is convenient for cats to climb, play and exercise. A variety of colors can better match your furniture.
  • The design highlights of the cat tree: this cat climbing frame can accommodate multiple cats to play at the same time. The design of the viewing platform can satisfy the cat's nature like climbing. The spacious cat apartment is for cats to rest and sleep.
  • Exclusive manicurist: How can a cat who loves beauty care about his nails? Our shaving column is covered with natural sisal so that your kitten can file his nails at any time and help eliminate the kitten's desire to scratch furniture.
  • Cat tree: A cat tree with a plush covering makes the cat feel very soft and comfortable, and your kitten will like to nap on it. Looking for a kitten? Here you see a cute little face sticking out of the basic apartment. You found it!
  • Cat tree design made him take up floor space is small, save floor space, but also provides a lot of vertical space.
  • Dimension: 58*43*h95

Winter Cat Tree Covenant Climbing- S

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